Simplifying Your Metal Fabrication Supply Chain

Build-to-print Manufacturing & Value-added Solutions

Lakewood provides manufacturing and engineering firms a simplified approach to supply chain sourcing for product-related, build-to-print manufacturing services in the form of manufactured components, weldments, light assembly, machine building, and customer-focused value-added solutions.


Lakewood's manufacturing services have been supporting a myriad of West Michigan industries since 1965


Manufactured Components

Let us take the busy work out of producing high quality end-products by supplying you with complete or partial manufactured components to be integrated into your final product


Lakewood's welding team has decades of experience in working with all metal types and producing high-quality, finished weldments for all of your product-related needs

Assembly Services

We aim to be your single-source supplier for all metal-fabrication related manufacturing services, including integrated assembly services for your short-to-medium run production jobs

Machine Build-to-print

The combination of our experienced team, flexible facility layout, and a myriad of in-house capabilities make us a perfect fit for your build-to-print machine building requirements

How We Provide Value

Our goal is to become a manufacturing extension of your business and to provide the on-going supply of quality products to meet your schedules by:


Minimizing Your Inventory

Meeting Your Margin Targets Through Collaboration

Achieving Your Lead Time Requirements

Expanding Our Capabilities Around Your Requirements

Our Competitive Advantage

Our capabilities and commitment to excellence provide the foundation for reliability, quality, and service - the competitive advantage to consolidate your supply chain


All-encompasing Range of In-house Capabilities

A True Commitment to Excellence


Quality Finished Products & Services

Our Capabilities

Lakewood is dedicated to becoming the best option for your product-related build-to-print manufacturing needs. The services and capabilities listed on this site are a snapshot of what our current staff and equipment allow us to achieve, but if you see a long-term fit between your company and Lakewood Fab Tech for your production manufacturing needs, please feel free to start a conversation with us about the needs you have beyond what is listed on our website. 

Our goal is to create a sustainable collaborative relationship with strategic customers to offer the best possible single-source solution for your manufacturing needs.


We are always open to expanding our cababilities.