Lakewood Fab Tech provides assembly and sub-assembly services for short to medium production run jobs – from print to final assembly.

Assembly Services Overview

Lakewood offers assembly and sub-assembly services for low to medium sized production run jobs. Our Michigan based team of craftsmen and 47,500 square-foot facility are flexible enough to shape our workflow around your manufacturing needs, and have many years of experience in assembling everything from large scale automated equipment to smaller jobs with minimal mechanized parts.

When combined with Lakewood Fab Tech’s sheet metal fabrication, machining, welding, and powder coating capabilities, there’s not much we can’t produce.

We also offer in-house controls and PLC programming through Forefront Controls Systems.

Conveyor Assembly
Conveyor Assembly
Machine Building Assembly

Our assembly services can be used in conjunction with our sheet metal fabrication, welding, machining, and powder coating expertise to provide a completed built-to-print assembly, or you can simply send us your pre-made materials and completed components and we can take it from there. Our team is well versed in everything from machine building to small component assembly, and has over 50 years of assembly experience in a wide variety of industries. 

Our assembly services cover a wide range of different types of work, and allow you to hand off your outsourcing needs with complete confidence that we have the experience and technical ability to turn customer-provided prints into completed assemblies or sub assemblies.  

Integrated into our assembly services are in-house controls and PLC programming. Though we don’t have our own dedicated Lakewood Fab Tech controls team, we share our facility with Forefront Controls Systems, who handles all of our control and programming needs. 

Fore more information on Forefront Controls Systems, you can access their website here.