Company History


For over 5 decades, the Lakewood brand has been primarily associated with highly innovative automated packing and processing equipment for the fruit, vegetable, and food industries throughout the world. Operating as Lakewood Manufacturing, and then as Lakewood Process Machinery, the company was consistently designing, implementing, and manufacturing standard lines of packing equipment that were pushing the limits of what was previously possible, as well as offering complete custom machine design and fabrication services for several industries beyond those related to fruits and foods.

Modified High Clearance Tractor
Filling Apparatus
Pepper Grader
Modified Tractor

The success of the company brought on many opportunities for growth, and allowed Lakewood to form a unique, and highly reputable set of skills through its talented, and growing team including in-house engineering and electrical controls departments and an extremely skilled fabrication team including machinists, welders, assembly personnel and more.

Lakewood Equipment Line
Lakewood Equipment Lines

In December of 2013, Lakewood Fab Tech, LLC was formed as a sibling company to Lakewood Process Machinery and a complete sheet metal shop was put into place at Lakewood Process Machinery’s Holland, MI facility. In its early stages, Lakewood Fab Tech primarily offered short-run sheet metal fabrication jobs that were fit in between Lakewood Process Machinery’s equipment orders wherever possible, with the hope that there would be much more possibility to utilize the new sheet metal shop, and the team’s overall fabrication experience for opportunities beyond what the company was already achieving with the fruit and vegetable industry.

Lakewood Fab Tech Laser and Press Brake

On March 6, 2015, Lakewood Process Machinery’s equipment lines and the Lakewood Process Machinery brand was sold to its largest and most formidable competitor. The sale of the equipment line allowed the Lakewood Process Machinery brand to continue on as a highly respected equipment brand within the fruit and vegetable industry while also allowing Lakewood Fab Tech the opportunity to actively pursue its full potential as a single source supplier for build-to-print manufacturing.

Lakewood Fab Tech, LLC’s umbrella now covers the entire Lakewood Process Machinery manufacturing facility, all of its active fabrication and manufacturing operations and equipment, and the majority of its skilled staff members – all of whom continue to play an important role in Lakewood Fab Tech’s ability to continue to provide a single source for your manufacturing needs.