Component Manufacturing


Component Manufacturing Overview

If you have a need for an experienced manufacturing expert to provide your company or your client with any type of manufactured component, whether it's a completed, production-ready piece of equipment, or simple assembly of a handful of build-to-print parts, we've got you covered from start to finish.

Lakewood's catch-all manufacturing services allow us to provide our customers with a total source for component manufacturing, and our value-added services allow you to outsource your component manufacturing to our team with full confidence, knowing that we are working towards helping you meet your goals every step of the way.

Machined Plastic Components
Metal Components
Metal Component
Metal Component Manufacturing
Plastic Machine Component

Lakewood can produce any type of metal or plastic related component requiring any combination of our manufacturing services, including sheet metal fabrication, cnc machining, welding, assembly, and powder coating.

Why choose Lakewood for component manufacturing?

Whether your company is an OEM manufacturer, a parts manufacturer, an engineering design firm, or anywhere in between, Lakewood Fab Tech's component manufacturing services should have a place in your supply chain. With our in-house sheet metal fabrication, welding, cnc machining, powder coating, and assembly services, Lakewood has all the right tools in our tool belt to provide your company or client with the production-ready parts you need exactly when you need them.

We accept both short production and long production run component manufacturing jobs, and can provide completed components and parts for numerous applications in an unlimited number of different industries, from simple metal conveyor parts to large, complex industrial components used in heavy-duty machinery and equipment.

Lakewood also offers value-added services wherever we can to assist you in simplifying your supply chain by minimizing your inventory, meeting your margin targets and lead time goals through collaboration, along with a willingness to expand our capabilities and services around your needs.