Laser Cutting & Metal Forming


Lakewood's laser cutting and forming equipment allows us to quickly and accurately produce sheet metal components for all of your production manufacturing needs. 

Laser Cutting and Metal Forming Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop

Our Sheet Metal Shop Capabilities

Our sheet metal shop features top of the line equipment for laser cutting, bending, roll bending, laser etching, and deburring.

For detals on the different levels of deburring we offer, view our Finishing Spec Sheet.

Laser Cutting

Laser Etching

Sheet Metal Bending

Roll Bending

Deburring & Finishing

Edge Rounding




Materials we commonly work with include Stainless Steel (up to 3/4"), Mild Steel (up to 1"), and Aluminum (up to 3/8")

Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment

Lakewood houses on of West Michigan's most versatile lasers, a 240 ton 12' press brake, and more.


3015 EX Mitsubishi 4500w 5' x 10' Laser


3015 EX Mitsubishi 4500w 5' x 10'


Lakewood's sheet metal shop houses one of West Michigan's most versatile lasers, allowing us to work with mild steel up to 1", 3/8" aluminum, and up to 3/4" thick stainless steel

Lakewood's Dener Diamond Ultra 240 Ton Press Brake

Press Brake

Dener Diamond Ultra 240 Ton 12'


Lakewood's CNC Hydraulic press brake allows us to provide you with fast and accurate results and a quick turn around time on simple bends, complicated metal bending projects, and everything in between

Lakewood's WDM K-5H-4 3 Roll Pinch Roll Bending Machin

Roll Bending

WDM K-5H-4, 3 Roll Initial Pinch


Lakewood's roll bending equipment allows for up to a 6" diameter minimum roll bend for material up to .164" thick with a max width of 4'

Laser etching directly on metal from Lakewood's 4500w laser

Laser Etching


Our 3015 Mitsubishi 4500W Laser allows us to etch your logo or any technical information you might need on a metal part, directly onto your product - a perfect branding solution for those looking to make a long-lasting impression, and a perfect option for parts that require serial numbers or part-specific information. 


Equipment Limitations

Visit our Equipment Capabilities page for a more detailed look at our current equipment limitations.