Overview of Services


What We Do:

Lakewood provides a simplified approach to supply chain sourcing for product-related, build-to-print manufacturing services in the form or manufactured components, weldments, assembly services, build-to-print machine building, and customer-focused value-added solutions.

Our Manufacturing Services:

Our services are divided into four primary categories - each of which utilizes a combination of our different manufacturing capabilities to cover all of your build-to-print manufacturing needs.


Manufactured Components

Any metal-related component requiring any combination of sheet metal fabrication, cnc machining, welding, assembly or powder coating



Extremely clean, accurate, and consistent completed weldments and welded assemblies for all types of applications



General assembly and sub-assembly services for short to medium production run jobs - from print to final assembly to controls and programming


Build-to-print Machine Building

Complete build-to-print machine building - from the cutting of raw stock all the way to controls and programming




ISO 9001:2015 certification in process

Lakewood plans to hold ISO 9001:2015 certification by mid 2017

Our Capabilities:

Our manufacturing capabilities cover every aspect of what's required to provide you with the build-to-print manufacturing expertise you need and are our formula for build-to-print success. 


Laser Cutting & Laser Etching

> 3015 EX Mitsubishi 4500W Laser 5'x10'

Metal Forming

> Dener Diamond Ultra 240 Ton Press Brake 12' 

> WDM K-5H-4, 3 Roll Initial Pinch

Deburring & Finishing

> Lissmac SBM-L 1500

CNC Machining

> CNC & Manual Turning

> CNC & Manual Milling

Welding & Passivation

> TIG Welding

> MIG Welding

> SMAW Welding

> FCAW Welding

Powder Coating

> 10' x 10' x 25' Powder Coat Oven & Spray Booth

Assembly Services

> In-house Assembly & Machine Building Team

Controls & Programming

> In-house Controls & Programming


Our Goal as a Build-to-print Manufacturer

Our goal is to create a sustainable collaborative relationship with strategic customers to offer the best possible single-source solution for your manufacturing needs, and if the match between our companies is right, we are always open to expanding our capabilities.