Powder Coating


Lakewood now houses a 10' x 10' x 25' powder coating oven - a unique and value-added approach for our customers.


Powder Coated Frame Weldments

Powder Coating Services 


Lakewood's experience in outsourcing powder coating services for our customers has allowed us to see just how hard it can be at times, to add outsourced powder coating to a project already on a tight deadline, so we decided to take matters into our own hands.

In early 2017 we installed a 10' x 10' x 25' powder coating oven, enabling us to offer in-house powder coating services to our existing fabrication and production manufacturing customers. In an effort to continue to keep our powder coating services open and available as a value-added service to those customers, we currently do not offer powder coating as a stand-alone service. 

At 10' tall, 10' wide, and 25' long, Lakewood's powder coating oven is one of the largest in the area - allowing us to easily handle all of your small, medium, and large-scale powder coating needs. 

Lakewood Fab Tech's Powder Coating & Spray Booth
Lakewood's 10' x 10' x 25' Powder Coating Spray Booth
Powder Coated Parts from Lakewood's Powder Coating Spray Booth
Lakewood Fab Tech Powder Coated Frame Weldment